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No real schedule for updates as school keeps me busy, but I will try to doodle whenever I can!

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Please, do not take drawings/repost without permission/credit! Thanks!
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うさぎ . Usagi

For someone’s birthday! (๑˃ᆺ˂๑)

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Hey Kairi, how long does it take you to do a "basic" piece of such amazing art?

I’m a very slow artist as of lately due to perfectionism, plus with school these days, I can’t give you an exact number of hours but it’s usually 3 days, maybe more.

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Lady Four

Kyaramerunuxi said: Your favorite drakengard 3 character + 4

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Thanks for answering my ask! I don't want to add to your workoad so I'll just look at the other palette meme drawings you've done haha XD

Nah, it’s totally fine! I appreciate all asks, really! It’s a good way to get inspired so don’t be afraid to ask for stuff C’:

I’m just a really slow artist lately that’s all ahah

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Aaa, your art is beautiful! Are you still doing the palette meme? If you are, can we request any character or just the ones you know about? :3

Hello, hello! Thank you for the kind words / w \

I still have some requests to do, and the new ones I might or might not do! I’m getting busier by the day so I’ll be using these palette meme ones as stress relief, so they’ll come randomly, plus I’ve sort of done a good handful of them ahah!

I’ve done characters I didn’t know before but I admit it was tough and not as fun ahah ;; So, while you’re free to request whatever, if it’s something I know, more chances I will draw it :3

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Anon asked: Yamuraiha with #4, please? Your artwork is very lovely btw~

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Anon asked: Pisti from magi, with №7? >\\<

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 asked Could you please draw Levy from Fairytail with palette 9? :3

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Lacie Baskerville

Requested by Anon, palette 10